Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh gators, where art thou?

The Hughes-Fulford Lab is in Florida!
Specifically, we're in Cape Canaveral for a Facility Trial Run (FTR) at Kennedy Space Center. We have our own designated lab here, and it was much easier to send our supplies to than ESTEC in Noordwijk. In contrast to the Netherlands, Florida is extremely humid right now, with the occasional thunderstorm. We landed right before one yesterday but our luggage was delayed on the plane for more than 2 hours.

Today, we went through setting up the lab, albeit with a slight crisis in receiving the blood. Tomorrow we will go through a run to practice with and test the functionality of all the equipment here.

Hopefully, the day after, we will be able to go on a tour of KSC and see some gators! Haven't seen any yet, but there is a restaurant in Cocoa Beach that cooks gator, so maybe we'll settle for that...