Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My First Month at the Hughes-Fulford Lab

Field Trip to the Warehouse With Our First Shipment

Today marks my first month here at the Hughes-Fulford Lab.  Time has definitely gone by faster than I ever imagined; but more importantly, I have learned so much in just my first month here.  I came to my first day of work just a couple days after relocating from Los Angeles.  Everything was new: the culture, the weather, and just everything that I needed to learn before our trip to Cape Canaveral in December.   Learning everything has definitely been hectic for all of us.  But luckily, Emily and Tara are the best for helping me through my countless questions, and training me so that everything becomes second nature.  Even though I’m sure I have more to learn, hopefully after our SpaceX 5 launch, things will be a little less hectic.  But until then, lots to pack and even more to learn! I’m definitely looking forward to the time I have here at this lab.