Monday, January 5, 2015

L-7 hours

It's been an exhausting couple days, but we have done everything we can! We have isolated the T-Cells from the blood of donors, filled the experimental units, and handed them over.  Emily and I with the help of BJ and Karin were able to work through the long hours it all took.  It's such a relief to be done for now!  Here are some pictures to document the process:

KI and T-Cell Team after the handover of EUs and tools

Emily and Christina isolating the T-Cells

Filled EUs ready to be transported.  
Emily and I were invited to visit the SpaceX rocket that was ready for launch.  Our samples are on the capsule! It was such a great and gratifying experience to see the rocket in person.

SpaceX Rocket ready to launch
Obligatory selfie by the rocket.  

And now we wait, for the final few hours before the launch!